My MotorSport NZ - Training Webinars

Training webinars


MotorSport New Zealand will be hosting training webinars for competition licence holders and licence officials to help them learn the essentials of the new MotorSport Online platform. The content of the webinars is specific to each user, and will be recorded to watch at a later date.


No upcoming webinars currently scheduled:

Past webinars


Club Introduction Webinar: 

Club Membership Administration, Licencing & Event Management

Club Follow-up Webinar: 

Event Management, Event Permits, Event Entrie Forms & more

Steward, CotC & CRO Webinar: 

Event Management, Sign in, Decisions, Closing Reports & more

Technical Officer & Scrutineer Webinar: 

Event Management, Digital Logbooks, Audits, Inspections  & more