My MotorSport NZ - Digital Project

​​​​​​​MotorSport New Zealand is upgrading MotorSport Online (POSSUM). 

What does this mean for you?


MotorSport New Zealand is upgrading POSSUM to a new version of MotorSport Online, powered by the Sporty platform. The new solution includes:

  • Mobile app. 
  • User Profile.
  • Event permit applications.
  • Event entry system.
  • Licence application and renewal process, with digital licences.
  • Vehicle registration process, with digital logbooks.
  • Digitalization of Event documentation, injury reporting, vehicle inspections and more. 

The roll-out of the new system is scheduled for the July 2023. All clubs will have access to training and support.

Any enquiries regarding the digital upgrade project should be submitted to Jordie Peters, Development & Marketing Executive at MotorSport New Zealand, by email to or phone 027 479 1510.  

Mobile App


​​​​​​​The new MotorSport New Zealand App will provide:

  • Digital licences for competitors, entrants and officials.
  • View any outstanding conditions or endorsements on a licence.
  • Digital logbooks for vehicles.
  • View any conditions or outstanding issues on a vehicle.
  • Receive push notifications and alerts.
  • A landing page for any useful links and news.
  • Ability to work key functionality offline if you don’t have internet access.



​​​​​​​Your central place to:

  • Create your MotorSport New Zealand login.
  • Manage your personal details.
  • Check, register, and enter  upcoming events.
  • View your reminders.
  • Register vehicles, change ownership or simply link a vehicle that you ‘borrow’.
  • Apply and renew your MotorSport New Zealand Licence and club memberships.
  • All available from your mobile.



​​​​​​​Simple registration and approval process of Event Permits.

Build your event registration forms:

  • Use MotorSport New Zealand standard template.
  • Easily add any additional fields and services e.g. garage hire, merchandise and dinner tickets. 

Customise the Events Calendar for your club and place it on your website:

  • Filter on your clubs' events.
  • Change colours and fonts.

View and register as a competitor or volunteer from the web or on your mobile.

Sign into Events


  • Officials have the ability to scan a digital licence or search for the competitor by name.
  • Sign in competitors, entrants and officials to Events.
  • Vehicle safety audits and inspections done in the field.
  • While at the Event, officials can input decisions, injuries and vehicle technical inspections.
  • With all sign-ins done digitally then PLD reporting is as simple as running a report.