My MotorSport NZ - Officials


To become an official, you must be appointed by MotorSport New Zealand or register for a MSNZ Officials Licence. This form is also used to register as a volunteer official i.e. a flag marshal. 

Once your licence has been approved, you can log into the MotorSport New Zealand app as an Official.

The MotorSport New Zealand Mobile App will let you officiate an event in the field. If you do not have an internet connection then events can be downloaded to keep you on track even when you're offline.  

Access to the Licence and Vehicle menu is dependent on your Officials Licence. Below is a full list of actions that can be taken as an official against a licence or vehicle. 



    All competitors, entants or officials that have registered and been approved for an event can be searched. 

    On a licence you will be able to: