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Digital upgrade for MotorSport

In 2023 MotorSport New Zealand announced an evolution to its MotorSport Online system, POSSUM, to evolve into a new, modern and mobile friendly solution that will improve administration and communication across the sport.

The new solution also provides digital licences with a new MotorSport New Zealand Mobile App that streamlines processes, saves time and improves the experience of people at all levels.

The new system has been developed by Sportsground Ltd leveraging its platform that powers most organised sport in New Zealand.


Digital Licence

MotorSport New Zealand licences are going digital. The new MotorSport New Zealand Mobile App will let you manage your licence, sign into events, see your history, view your vehicles, logbook and much more.

Once released in July 2023, you'll find the official MotorSport NZ Mobile App in the App Store and on Google Play.


MotorSport Online

The MotorSport Online (POSSUM) management system is being upgraded to become mobile friendly and include a new Events management system to make it easier for clubs to obtain MSNZ permits for new events, manage competitor entries, and display events in a calendar on your own website.


​​​​​​​In addition to the MotorSport New Zealand digital upgrade, the Sporty platform also offers a number of both free and subscription services that clubs can adopt if you wish.  These are completely optional.


How it works 

The platform provides a range of other online services such as club websites, graphic design services, member management tools, online payment integration, bulk eNewsletter sender, document storage, and custom mobile apps for club promotion and communications.

For most of these services, Sporty offers clubs a free entry level that will have some inbuilt 'fair use' limits or may display Sporty advertising.  Many clubs are already paying a mix of other providers such as a website host or MailChimp for these services.  Clubs are under no obligation to adopt extra services from Sporty, but we suggest you take a look at them since they may save your club money and they will integrate nicely with the Sporty solutions coming from MotorSport New Zealand.

If you club wants to unlock extra functionality from Sporty beyond the limitations of the free services, you can subscribe directly to VIP services. This is completely optional. To learn more about the differentce between the free services Sporty provides to clubs and also see VIP pricing if you wish to get more from Sporty, please refer directly to the website or talk with a Sporty sales representative on 0800 777 874.


Have everything in one place


Free website. No software is needed. Login to update text, photos & other content with our drag and drop builder. Over 100 pages of content. Free version displays Sporty advert banner at page footer.


Easily create and send eNewsletters to your members and other stakeholders. Save templates for different recipient groups. Free version max 2,000 per day and 10,000 per month.


SuperCRM provides a 360° view of your members and stakeholders over the life of their association with your club. It lets you keep all contacts, notes and information in one place, providing a 'single source of truth'. Free version max of 2 admin logins.


Easily create your own web input forms/databases. Free version max of 2 forms and databases in addition to the official MotorSport New Zealand forms/databases.