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What is Sportsground/Sporty? is the digital platform chosen by MotorSport New Zealand to upgrade MotorSport Online (POSSUM) and provide digital licences for MotorSport throughout New Zealand. The Sporty platform is supplied by Sportsground Ltd, and is the largest web software platform for managing sport in New Zealand.  

Why did MotorSport New Zealand choose Sporty?

The Sporty platform was chosen by MotorSport New Zealand after a formal process that included an extensive needs analysis and technology review. The Sporty platform continues to be continuously developed to support the evolving needs of MotorSport across New Zealand.

What other solutions might clubs wish to subscribe to separately with Sporty?

  • Website design/redesign.

  • VIP website (ad-free).

  • Custom mobile app with club branding.

  • Email volumes that exceed these free 'Fair Use' limits.

  • Graphic design services.

  • More than 2 local web input forms/databases (MSNZ official forms are free).

  • Extra SuperCRM admin logins/user accounts.

  • Extra support (eg weekly check-ins, operational advice).

  • Creation of content (eg writing news articles, drafting eNewsletters, creating or copying website content).

  • Cleansing/de-duplication of historical databases collated outside Sporty.

  • Import of historical databases collated outside Sporty.

  • Extra training (eg one-on-one training beyond the group training webinars provided).

  • Integration with third-party software.

  • eCommerce payment processing.

Where does the data go when people register online?

When people register with MotorSport Online, each record automatically updates to an online member database that is visible to the relevant club. All records from the official MotorSport New Zealand database are also visible to MotorSport New Zealand. Data can only be used at each level for the purpose it was provided. 

What data will be shared with MotorSport NZ from my club’s Sporty Portal?

1. Event data including permit applications and event forms.

2. Club membership details as entered on the official MotorSport Club Membership form. If the club adds additional club specific fields to this form, this information is not shared with MotorSport New Zealand.

Data security and privacy policy

To view the Sporty data security policy please click here.

To view the Sporty privacy policy please click here.

Will POSSUM be completely replaced?

Yes, POSSUM will be decommissioned once the new MotorSport Online platform is launched.

Will all the data from POSSUM be transferred to the new MotorSport Online platform?

Yes, all relevant POSSUM data will be migrated to MotorSport Online to ensure Profiles, Licences, Vehicles and Events are in place for launch.

Old membership data from POSSUM will be migrated to the new MotorSport Online system for your club. If you require any other data to be imported, please contact Sporty Support directly. 

Is the new MotorSport Online platform mobile-friendly?

Yes, whilst the web version of the new MotorSport Online platform will be mobile friendly there will also be a dedicated MotorSport New Zealand app for smartphones and tablets that competitors and volunteer officials can use.

Does the new MotorSport Online platform work offline for events in remote areas?

The new MotorSport Online platform has offline functionality to ensure that it can be used for critical tasks at events without internet access or cell phone coverage, but you will need to open the app prior to leaving coverage.

When will the new MotorSport Online platform launch?

We are aiming to launch the new MotorSport Online platform on July 5-6.

What help will be available for Competitors, Clubs, Organisers and Volunteer Officials for the new platform?

MotorSport New Zealand will be hosting a series of webinars ahead of the launch of the new MotorSport Online platform to prepare all users. There will also be a range of on-demand video tutorials for all user groups to help them with specific tasks. Comprehensive guides and documentation will also be available to help users navigate the system. This information will be available on a dedicated website - which is live now and will be populated with content over the coming weeks.

How has the new MotorSport Online platform been tested?

The platform went through a round of detailed beta testing with Sporty testers and over a dozen independent testers from the motorsport community. Testing has also occurred at select events, and testing will continue to take place in the lead-up to the launch in July.

Is the new Digital Licence compulsory?

All Competition and Volunteer Official licence holders will automatically get access to a digital licence via the MotorSport New Zealand app. We will be strongly encouraging all licence holders to utilise the great new features of the digital licence; however, we will not be mandating it in the near future. A physical licence card will still be available at the applicant’s cost. All FIA International licences will continue to receive a physical licence card.

Does the new MotorSport Online platform work with foreign licences?

Yes, foreign competitors can sign up for the MotorSport Online platform and enter their foreign licence information and be able to enter events and interact with the system while competing in New Zealand.

Will the new digital sign-on process for events include digital indemnities?

Yes, the digital sign-on process for events will include digital indemnities. An amendment to MotorSport New Zealand’s regulations will be made prior to launch to make this explicitly accepted.

Can competitors still enter ‘on the day’ for events?

Yes, event entries can still take place ‘on the day’, however, there will be some feature limitations when at an offline event.

Can entries be withdrawn from an event?

Yes, entries can be withdrawn from an event in the new MotorSport Online platform.

Can event entry forms be customised to add garage hire, dinner tickets, merchandise, etc?

Yes, entry forms are customisable. Organisers can add additional questions or gather other information as well as sell additional products and services such as tickets, garage hire and merchandise.

Can vehicles be shared between multiple people?

Yes, vehicles can be shared between multiple people for use.

What is the new Digital Logbook?

The Digital Logbook will be a full record of that vehicle's history, similar to a traditional logbook. The digital logbook is transferable between owners of the vehicles. The digital logbook can also be exported to PDF to be printed.

Is the new Digital Logbook compulsory?

All vehicles in the new MotorSport Online platform will automatically have a digital logbook. Vehicle owners can opt to purchase a physical logbook if they wish, however, we will be encouraging all vehicle owners to utilise the cigital logbook to ensure all records are well-kept and digitised.

Can Volunteers express interest in volunteering at events?

Yes, volunteers can express interest in volunteering for events. Volunteers, like competitors, can also sign on to events to record their attendance.

What is the new web address for the platform?

The new MotorSport Online platform will be primarily available at however will continue to redirect to the new platform.

What are the costs for clubs?

There are no extra costs for clubs to use the MotorSport New Zealand functionality with Sporty. Sporty does offer premium features that clubs may wish to subscribe to.

What are the costs for competitors?

There are no extra costs for competitors to use the new platform.

Will the new MotorSport Online platform integrate with results and timing platforms?

Whilst not in the first phase of the new MotorSport Online platform, our plan is to integrate these services into the new platform in the future.