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MotorSport New Zealand upgrades POSSUM

MotorSport New Zealand has announced an evolution to its MotorSport Online system. The online system, currently known as POSSUM, will evolve into a new, modern and mobile friendly solution that will streamline processes across the sport.

The system is being developed by New Zealand based software company Sportsground Ltd leveraging their widely used Sporty platform. In addition to having over 600,000 users across New Zealand, the Sporty platform has been recently adopted by both KartSport NZ and Speedway NZ with great success. The evolution of MotorSport Online will include both a desktop and mobile app for officials to complete tasks such as safety audits and various documentation processes at events.

Among a suite of new features and improvements on the current solution will be the introduction of digital licenses, for both competitors and officials, that has been successfully used by KartSport NZ and Speedway NZ.

Member clubs will also be able to harness the power of Sporty with powerful club member management tools that link directly to MotorSport New Zealand’s overarching system. The platform is tied together by SuperCRM, a customer relationship management system that is purpose-built for sport.

“We’re really excited to get this project underway,” said Elton Goonan, CEO of MotorSport New Zealand.

“We engaged with many of our affiliated clubs, competitors, officials and community stakeholders over the past year to ensure we’re going to be giving them what they want and need. The solution from Sporty is being extended to meet the specific needs of MotorSport New Zealand.”

MotorSport New Zealand hosted a series of meetings with stakeholders up and down the country and online earlier in 2022 where the proposed solution was presented. Feedback from many people involved in the sport from competitors to officials to event organisers and club administrators were gathered at these meetings. There was a very positive response from all those in attendance and as such the project was approved by the board in April.

An update will be presented to member clubs at the MotorSport New Zealand AGM being held at the end of July. Development will be completed over the coming months with a national roll-out planned for mid-2023. MotorSport New Zealand will be further engaging with stakeholders during the development phase of the project and will undertake a thorough testing and training program before the new platform goes live.

Mike Purchas, CEO of Sportsground Ltd, says he is excited to have been engaged by MotorSport New Zealand for this project. “This is about much more than just getting rid of plastic licences. It includes vehicle ownership and an event management solution designed to provide operational efficiencies for motorsport at all levels.”

MotorSport New Zealand is a not-for-profit National Sporting Organisation appointed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) as the sole authority to regulate motorsport in New Zealand.

Sportsground Ltd provides, a platform used by most national sports organisations in New Zealand for online registrations, team entries, competition management, live scoring, e-communication and member management.